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Platinum Weirdo
Dave Stewart Is Having Acid Flashbacks

Who is Platinum Weird? Well, as the folks at Interscope Records would have you believe, it was a band formed in London in 1974 by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and a flighty American girl named Erin Grace. They wrote a handful of breathy, melodic Fleetwood Mac-style songs (reportedly, Stevie Nicks was inspired by Grace’s wispy, white lace get-ups), created buzz, played Mick Jagger’s birthday, were signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records, recorded an album, and prepared to become the biggest band since The Beatles. (It’s said that Ringo Starr even played drums on one of their tracks.) But, before it could happen, the enigmatic Erin Grace disappeared into the purple haze, never to be heard from again. Consequently, the album was never released and the band fell apart. Platinum Weird was forgotten.

It makes for an incredible story – too bad it’s not true. Alas, Erin Grace is fictitious and Platinum Weird was formed last year by Dave Stewart and “Erin Grace replacement” Kara DioGuardi, who’s best known as Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson’s songwriter. For proof, click here. Their debut album, a mix of new and “re-recorded originals,” drops the end of August. 

So why the cockamamie tale, complete with fake fansites, fake memorabilia on eBay, and a fake VH1 rocumentary airing tonight (6pm, tune in!)? Stewart needed some amusement.

“I'm having more fun with this band than anything else I’ve ever done,” he admitted by phone in Hollywood, where he’s recently moved from London. “80 percent of it is true -- some is mythological. I’ve taken creative license because I can’t remember much from then. From age 18 to 22, I was taking a lot of acid. I had invented a whole language that I would speak to people in. I read some journals from back then and it turns out it was just scribble.”

Who cares that the story’s fake? Hearing Stewart, a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer, mumble hilariously insane tall tales is sheer entertainment.

“[Interscope Geffen A&M Records Chairman] Jimmy Iovine sent Kara DioGuardi to London to work with me on a project. She comes down the stairs one day, singing a song that I instantly recognized. I asked her how she knew it. She said there was a woman in her town who became her mentor. She taught her how to sing. The way she described her – it was uncanny.”

More! More!

“There are two different and strange ways the name Platinum Weird came about: When I was with Erin, living in a squat, having dreams, we looked up at the wall and there was a huge hole in it. I told her that’s where we’ll hang our platinum album. She said, ‘No, that would be weird.’ Then, with Kara – she tells Jimmy Iovine that every time she writes with me, it goes weird. He said, ‘Yeah, Platinum Weird,’ like it’s gonna go Platinum.”

For More Insanity:

Tune into VH1 tonight at 6pm.

Watch the “old” videos and hear the “old” songs,

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what has happened to the eurythmics they are perfectly good im only 14 but ilove dave and annie TOGETHER

it's a hoax. the "documentary" and all "old" pics of Platnium Weird are actors paid for a marketing campaign to promote this new band.

read the la times...its a hoax

It's not a hoax. I've actually met Erin Grace in LA a few months ago. She's regrets leaving the band in '74. The previously unreleased album is amazing and well worth a listen. We're entering into Syd Barret territory here.

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