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Ready for Uffie
The Female Rapper on Her Fresh Mouth (& Next Project)

There’s something special about Parisian-based electro-rapper Uffie.  It might be the fact that she isn’t that good at it, yet still manages to sound way more interesting than any other female rapper out right now.  It could also be her track ‘Ready To Fuck’, which fulfils all our dirty-old-man wet dreams in three minutes and 23 seconds. We got a chance to ask her some burning questions: 

Hey Uffie! We’re big fans of your stuff at the moment.  Only thing is, we can’t decide who’s better out of you and Amanda…

Yeah, Amanda Blank.  The female MC from Philly…
Oh, ok.  Well, personally, I really like her and I like what she does.

 We thought you’d say you hated her and wanted her to die.  You’re not supposed to like her!
No, the girl’s awesome!  Her style is very different to mine.  We’re actually gonna’ collaborate on a track for Aaron Lacrate.

Ok, cool. What’s your album sounding like?  Are you gonna make any more songs about sex?
The album’s going to surprise a lot of people. It won’t be what you’re expecting.  There’s not just one theme, it’s all gonna be very different.  There’s gonna be soft stuff, crazy stuff, sexy stuff and completely not-sexy stuff – everything combined. 

That’s a lot of stuff.  How many tracks have you done so far?
We’ve done about eight tracks right now, but we’re gonna go back and do about 14.  It should be out pretty soon.

I saw you performing once and the crowd was going pretty crazy.  Do you get a lot of people telling you you’re the best thing in the world right now?
It’s really funny because people either love me or hate me.  If they’re not like ‘Oh My God, I love you’ then they fucking hate me and wanna shoot me!  

When did people first start to show you love?
The first good response I got was from all the big DJs.  They were all really supportive.  Then I started to get all the other people with the extreme love-and-hate views.

When I listen to you swearing on record I feel like I’m listening to my nerdy little sister rap along to a Lil’ Kim track.  Do people ever get on your back for having such a potty mouth?
Yeah, I get that all the time. A lot of people are like ‘Oh, you’re such white trash’ or ‘You’re such a whore’.  Some people think I’m too young to even have sex, so they have a problem with me talking dirty.  I think the people that like me listen to the music more than what I’m actually saying.  If you don’t like my point of view, then you might be offended by the messages I send out.

Do some guys think you’re an actual whore and subsequently try to touch you up?
There was this one guy at a show that wouldn’t stop grabbing me and I ended up kicking him in the face.  Sometimes I invite lots of girls on the stage, just so the guys can get the message.

Good idea.  Ok, so you’re a rapper, right?  And rappers are meant be good at freestyling.  Let’s hear what you’ve got…
Ha-ha!  I can freestyle, but not very well.  I’m not about to embarrass myself, because I’m sure someone like Lady Sovereign would kick my ass.  I only started rapping like eight months ago!

~ Styleslut

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