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My Town: Encinitas, California
Hotshot Sports Agent Circe Wallace on Her Hometown Hideaway

The quintessentially sleepy beach-town of Encinitas, California is home to a bevy of Action Sports industry executives and athletes, including former professional snowboarder and agent from Wasserman Media, Circe Wallace. She could probably give Ari Gold, from HBO’s Entourage, a run for his money; however this power player manages professional skateboarders and snowboarders, not Hollywood’s hottest actors.

During the 1990s, when Wallace was a professional rider herself, little girls looked up to her and said, “If she can do it, so can I!” plastering her team poster, from Ride Snowboards, on their bedroom walls for inspiration. Quite the role model during her heyday. Things haven’t changed much. Wallace still takes heliriding trips around the world, yet now does it with her athletes, like Travis Rice, who, at present, is probably considered the best big mountain rider in the world. Let’s just put it this way, the chick jumps into helicopters, descends 10,000 feet above sea level and inks multimillion-dollar deals. Yeah, she’s bad-ass.

But even bad-ass chicks need time to rejuvenate their bodies and wind down from traveling. Ergo why Wallace calls Encinitas home sweet home. In between inking the latest deal for Wasserman Media, Wallace gave psychoPEDIA some time to chat about her oasis: 

How long have you lived in Encinitas and why did you end up there of all places?
I have been lucky enough to be in Encinitas for about 10 years. I am originally from Seattle/Northwest and after my first surf trip to Encinitas with my boyfriend of the time, famous old snowboarder/artist Jamie Lynn, I was set. Never wanted to leave.  

If someone were to visit and stay there, what hotel would be best (or even nearby?)
Well it depends on your budget. Now I would stay at the Aviara Four Seasons in Carlsbad (about 5-8 miles north of Encinitas) but if I was on a budget I might stay at the Moonlight Beach Motel. Ghetto-fabulous and a stone’s throw from D Street, one of my favorite Encinitas surf spots. I would highly recommend the campsite at the state park in Encinitas. It’s the best view in town and you can walk down the stairs to the water!

What's the quintessential "Encinitas Outing" like?
Encinitas is pretty mellow. I would say a sunset surf, followed by a nice outdoor shower, dress casually for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in town. Encinitas has a great downtown right on the Pacific Coast Highway (101) with good Thai (Siamese Basil), Italian (Vigilucci's Trattoria), Vietnamese (Kim's) or my absolute downtown favorite is a tiny little Peruvian restaurant called Amici, it’s all made fresh by a Peruvian family.  It’s one of the best restaurants I have ever been to.  If you go, splurge and get the chef’s menu. It’s more food than you think you can eat, but do because it’s so ridiculously amazing.  The food comes out in courses and can be accompanied with a nice red wine...

Hottest bars and/or nightlife?
Nightlife?  Not much to speak of here. There are a few good dive bars, The Saloon, I think has been there for a hundred years and smells accordingly, it has a pool table and amazingly cheap drinks, good jukebox and on Thursday night some 21-year-olds. Or Yogi’s sports bar has a popping Friday night or anytime there’s a game. But one of my favorite date spots for a drink is the Chart House (drinks and appetizers at the bar only! Dining room is stuffy) or Beach House right on the water…

What's the best surfer's beach?
I love to go to D-Street or Georges. They are easy and fun and lots of cute boys...

Why do you think most professional surfers, snowboarders and skaters find themselves living there?
It’s a quiet beach town that has a nice environment for taking a break from the craziness. Good fun but mellow waves, OK water quality (not great), close to LA without having to live in LA, close to San Diego Airport or the city for nightlife but far away enough. It’s quieter.

Shopping? What are the best spots?
Downtown Encinitas has a few cute stores. Barberella for girls clothes on the Coast Highway. There is Magical Child, my favorite for babies and gifts for children, is an amazing store in the Lumberyard. Hansen’s is good surf stuff, and the best local shop for men’s apparel is UNIV, all on the Coast Highway...

And romantic spots?
Making out on the beach at sunset would be my favorite... 

~Jessica McMenamin

Go There:
Siamese Basil, 527 S. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, (760) 753-3940
Kim's Restaurant, 745 S. Coast Highway 101, #103J, Encinitas, (760) 942-4816
Amici, 564 S. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, (760) 753-9050
Saloon, 546 S. Coast Highway, Encinitas, (760) 753-1366

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