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Sneaker Road-Test: Nike Air Max 90s
Brit Rapper Tinchy Stryder On Sneaker Culture and Why It's Not Everything

Tinchy Stryder is one of the hottest new artists in grime at the moment. His recently released album Star In The Hood has already earned him a nomination for ‘Best Newcomer’ at this years MOBO (Music of Black Origin) and UMA (Urban Music Awards, kind of like the British version of the BET Awards). While Tinchy has been in the grime scene awhile, the mainstream is only just starting to pick up on the baby-faced MC’s beguiling flow and chart-ready grime-pop productions. He started out under the tutelage of Wiley, who many see as the undisputed Godfather of the scene. If we were to rewind to a sweaty grime club in 2003, you’d find a pint-sized Tinchy squeakily ‘spitting’ his lyrics into a microphone for a room full of fans lapping up his every word, and whose reaction to his lyrics is riotous. So, it was no surprise that Tinchy won best newcomer at the uber-underground Sidewinder awards that year. Fast-forward to 2007, and grime is more popular than ever... especially with the fashionable, always ready for ‘that new-sound’ East London kids.

Much like hip-hop, grime artists are usually pretty fussy about what they put on their feet. Although designers such as JCDC and Cassette Playa's Carrie Mundane have been working closely with grime artists of late, bringing the catwalk and street fashion even closer together, you’re still highly unlikely to catch your favourite MC in anything but the freshest Nikes or Adidas. In fact, those two labels in particular are desperate for grime artists to wear their latest designs. Underground recognition undoubtedly makes the latest sneaker launch just that little bit cooler. So, with his genre being at the forefront of underground street-chic, we asked the ‘prince of grime’ Tinchy Stryder about what sneaks he’s feeling at the moment:

What would you say are your all-time favorite trainers?
Definitely the Nike Air Max 90s. I love the black, white and red color way.

Why are they your all-time favorite?
They’re the most comfortable trainers out there.

What are your favorite trainers to rock at the moment and why?
It has to be my Nike Air Max 97s. They’re definitely a current favorite.

Which is your favorite brand and why?
Hmmm – I think I have to give that to Nike. They know how to make the most comfortable trainers, which is pretty important.

What brand of trainers would you never be seen dead in?
K Swiss!

Is there any particular way you like to do your laces?
I like to do One Cross (going across the trainer), then a big knot at the top.

What trainers are you wearing right now?
I haven’t got any on right now!

What’s the most you would ever spend on a pair of kicks?
I wouldn’t spend more than £200 on a single pair.

Do you think the type of trainers you wear are important in the grime community?
Nah, I think there are more important things to worry about than what you have on your feet.

If you could have a specific trainer made in any colorway of your choice, which would it be?
I’d have a signature pair of Air Max 90s in Black with Tinchy written in gold on the side.

What do you think of clubs that won’t let you get in with trainers?
I don’t really disagree with that. Sometimes it’s nice not to wear trainers.

~ Donald Crunk @ Styleslut

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