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Concierge Road-Test:
Designer Sari Gueron De-Stresses at NYC's Thai Privilege Spa

From online reservation-making sites like OpenTable and Orbitz, to Camilla Parker Bowles' nephew Ben Elliot's uber-exclusive, super-luxury concierge service, using booking agencies is now the norm. But none has attempted to tap into the high-end, mass-market quite the way LifeBooker plans to. Having gone live just two weeks ago, after two years of developing a system that builds upon the best features of websites like Citysearch, Orbitz, Craigslist, and eBay, LifeBooker is the brainchild of 26-year-old entrepreneurs Dana Reichman and Andrew Unger. While the site currently only offers services for spa treatments, Unger and Reichman are already at work expanding LifeBooker to include fitness, tables at clubs, and pet services, in hopes that it will revolutionize the way you make appointments.

So, psychoPEDIA invited fashion designer, Sari Gueron, one on-the-go New Yorker very much in need of a little R&R, to test out the site and its services. Fresh off a flight from Paris, and just two weeks after having shown a characteristically soft, feminine and elegant Spring 08 collection in NYC (which has won fans from Sofia Coppola to Michelle Williams), Gueron logged on to the new site and booked a massage at Manhattan’s Thai Privilege Spa. Here, Gueron on the future of online scheduling and her fondness of aromatherapy massage:

Do you book any other types of services online?
At work we order lunch online. It is the future for making appointments. I’m not tech savvy, but when it comes to getting a plane ticket, I do it online rather then having someone put you on hold.

What did you think of the site?
I will use it rather than calling and having to talk someone... or having to Google and then call five different places to find out availability. [It’s also great because] you might not know about a salon near you. It’s a one-stop deal.

Why did you choose Thai Privilege?
I wanted their Aromatherapy massage. It sounded like the most healing, and Thai Spas are very relaxing. It’s also around the corner from my apartment.

How was the massage?
It’s transporting. They give you awesome ginger tea right off the bat. Make you feel welcome. They give you a choice of oils – the one I chose is infused with peppermint, one of my favorites. All the containers are beautiful. The touches are in place. All these details make it really relaxing.

What was the massage process like?
It starts with a foot scrub, which I love. The Aromatherapy massage was amazing. I told him to focus on my neck and shoulders since that’s where I hold all my tension. It’s the second message I’ve ever had in my life. I’m a stressed-out girl, so it took me a while to get into it.

Was it post-show stress?
Yes. Right after the show I went straight to Paris for the PV fabric show. I haven’t stopped in months, so it’s great to unwind. I don’t make time for it. I usually work late and can’t get a service during the day. But, maybe if there is a spa near the office... I’ll find out on LifeBooker.

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