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Beating Recession-Hair Blues

Emily Thomas knows how to color hair. After all, she has been one of Cutler Salon’s most sought-after colorists for over 10 years. But although her clientele, like celebrity chef Rachael Ray and socialite Nicky Hilton, pay top dollar for her services in either of Cutler’s Miami or New York City locations, Thomas still knows how to save a few dollars with hair care during these challenging economic times.

Thomas lent some frugal expertise to psychoPEDIA on some basic upkeep tips. She shared a vast amount of suggestions, from simply asking one’s stylist questions, to inexpensive drugstore-product buys, and how to maintain luscious locks on a tight budget.

Who are some of Cutler’s top clients that you think have great hair?
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber come often to our Soho location and Bjork came in recently. Rodney did Fergie’s hair for the Grammys – her look was all over the Internet.

When did you move down to Miami to open Cutler’s new location?
I moved in April 2008. So, it’s almost been a whole year I’ve been living down there and traveling back and forth to accommodate my clients who are based in New York City.

For the ladies out there who aren’t fashion models or celebrities and don’t have a big budget, what would be the first thing you’d suggest to lower their hair-care costs?
There’s a multitude of salons right now that are offering hair-care classes. You’d be surprised how many of them help their clients learn quick tips of the trade. For example, many ladies spend hundreds of dollars each month on blowouts – twice a week is the usual maintenance routine. To save money, salons are offering classes on how to do the blowout yourself. So rather than go to the salon twice a week, you could go only once a week or every other week, once you figure out how to do it yourself.

As far as color goes, what would you suggest to keep costs down?
For starters, a hot trend right now is that grown-out root, beachy look. Take a look at Cameron Diaz’s current hair style or even Gisele’s look – both of them have their roots grown out. It’s more of a natural vibe that’s really trending in all the fashion magazines and editorial spreads. So, in a nutshell, keeping up with a fashion trend could save you money!

How about for the girls who are hiding grey hair and can’t face a seeing an inch or let alone a half-inch grow out?
Clairol makes an incredible product called Root Touch-Up. It’s really easy to use at home and most importantly really inexpensive to purchase. I think it’s around $8 or $9 tops? If you have tons of grey hair or just a little bit of grey hair, this is a great product to use in-between salon trips. So, if you normally see your colorist every two months, you could stretch it to three or four months with this product.

What are some other inexpensive drugstore finds you’d suggest?
I always recommend L’Oreal Color Vive shampoo to clients who don’t want to spend salon prices. Redken shampoos and conditioners are great too. It’s usually around $11 to $13 per item. Another great drugstore find is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It’s really mild – that’s the main thing to watch out for with shampoos for those with color-treated hair. Shampoo is essentially a detergent, which is really harsh against the scalp and of course the hair itself. Johnson’s is really soft and of course really cheap too! And color conditioners from a variety of lines at the drugstore are a great way to keep color looking shiny as well.

What are some other quick tips?
I know it sounds really simple, but just ask your colorist or stylist what to do. You’d be surprised at how helpful they’ll be when you say, “I need to save money on my hair. Can you help me?” Bottom line: colorist and stylists want to keep their clients. I want to keep my clients I’ve had for two, three, five and ten years, even if I don’t see them as often as in the past. I always pay close attention to my clients’ needs. It’s my relationship with them that’s most important, and making them happy.

On a fun ending note, who would be a dream client who you’d switch from a blond to a brunette?
Without a doubt….Kate Hudson.

~Jessica McMenamin

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