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Good Records Played Badly
'Trading Places' Shakes Up London Nightlife

It was sometime in mid-2008 that we came across an e-flyer for a party called ‘Trading Places’. Not only did it share the same name as one of the greatest comedies ever, but it also hinted at a night that might have something more to offer than your typical Shoreditch-based bash which specializes in ‘ironic party-music’.

Trading Places has been going for nearly a year now and it regularly attracts many of the key faces in London’s creative community. From designers and stylists, to bloggers and musicians, this monthly roadblock brings everyone together under one big exclusive roof. Parties aside, the ambitious minds behind ‘TP’ have much more to offer than music and mayhem. They also have their own blog, A Tribe Called Next. The popular site is regularly updated with music, fashion and lifestyle and has a growing army of supporters. The collective also recently collaborated with the renowned street-artist Insa to create a super-limited-edition T-shirt and some stylish artwork for the last ‘TP’ flyer. We spoke to the collective about what goes on behind the scenes. Here is how they collectively answered:

How many people promote Trading Places and how many have you done so far?
There are 4 of us in total. A Cyde, Kish, Reggie Yates and Suz P. We have done 8 parties so far.

What was the initial idea behind the parties?
Essentially, we just wanted to have a place where we could party. There was no club-night that ticked all the boxes for us, so we wanted to start something for friends and family.

Why did you choose the name Trading Places?
Watch the movie.

What’s the music policy?
The music policy is just good music. And good records played badly.

Have you clubbed in any other countries?
Due to immigration policies, we haven’t been able to, as yet. Although, we are currently in talks with Embassies. When we get our real passports, we’ll holla.

Describe a TP party to someone who’s never been…
Bring a towel.

What type of clientele would you say TP attracts?
Friends, family and foes.

What made you decide to make TP ‘guest list only’? Do you think some folks might see that type of party as being snobbish and elitist?
Yes. Because we are snobbish and elitist, innit.

Do you think people dance more or less than they used to?
More or less. It doesn’t matter though; Trading Places parties have dance routines that everybody follows.

What’s your favorite/worst ever movie with lots of dancing in it or ‘dancing’ in the title, and why?
I’d have to say Jean-Claude Van Damme in the movie Breakin.
What’s your favorite dance move ever and why?
It’s called the ‘take em home’, which is pretty self explanatory.

What’s next for TP?
Guest DJs Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd.

~Donald Crunk

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