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Unrequited Heat In Ice Age Rage

Anchors are intrinsically deemed weighty and are geared to impose a heavy handedness in their functionality, but when one owns a hotel named The Atlantic, a hotel on Block Island, RI and garners, the owner that is, the metaphorical sequential jump from the ocean reference and the semi, very semi-credible anchor “placement” possibility fixture and then literally incorporates an echoed perverse bond to an “anchors away” sensibility, a crassness – “I define my milieu without regard to all” – a rendering here affirmed by numerous reviews of his establishment; look them up; I am basically plagiarizing – an appreciation forms for this man’s rotund thinking and makes me discard a general dismissal of his antics, for any mentalistic term so inferred from his canonical defensiveness leaves me no longer dubiously accepting proxies to an explanation.

He thinks in the nasty man mode, a form that does not accept intersubjective possibilities, but can, based on that platform, take psychological discordant fuzz and in its own boxed mystification plant instantiative truth-theories.

A specific or two: it is uncommon for an on premises hotel owner to generate a surly, contemptuous air upon receiving guests’ “Hellos,” ours, one subsequently witnessed in his dealings with others, employees and guests. However, we did not care, for my friend and I, immediately welcomed the relative quiet and hilltop view of ocean and fields, a condition that can mollify almost anything, and it did, until the big deal ice theft accusation.

The hottest day of the year, less than a week ago, and my gracious, lovely love offered to get me an ice coffee while I did nothing on the veranda other than drink heat and wipe sun lotion. Important: no ice machine for guests; rather unusual considering it is strictly a summer place; the lack of ac was not important; the coffee, left over breakfast wear, needed ice supplement. So Ms. Fashion went behind the bar, no one around to serve in any sense, owner in office and only ice was wanted and her finesse counted an inclination for assistance. She took – conceded by us as perhaps not “right.” The owner’s shortcomings, a synonymy of barbed wire need, applicable only when gerrymandered to determine rage to lash and an extralogical determinant to supplant his provincial psycho quiver, staged the set for this anomalously physically un toned Island resident – considering the clear cut fitness most of his guests adhered to – yelled, castigated her, publically berated her, deemed her as one analogous to a safe cracker, called her as one in the line of past interlopers who ruffle private papers and read others expurgated financial statements.

This man is sickening. Not even good when confronted with the gentility of my, “Mr. Guy, you over did it.” Your harangue for a misplaced fork; the application of your ice (r)age has the variable of sweat. Make your displeasure a supplementation to a priori midnight angst. Request the peach, and you did in your apology to her: paradoxically rather formulaic, since presumably never previously delivered. Your pointed finger to my gut and face was a sign, sporadically triggered to translate. ATLANTIC INN

-Alan Nadler

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