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NYC Yelle

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How to Render an Audience in the Palm of Your Hand in 5 Steps or Less:

1) Assume a single syllable moniker, especially if it references an exclamation.
2) Post a sweet and sassy audio rebuttal to a misognist hip hop artist via Myspace called 'Short Dick Cuizi.'
3) Get noticed and signed by a prestigious label. Be gracious and change 'Short Dick Cuizi' to 'Je Veux Te Voir.'
4) Whip up a debut album of sugary electro pop delivered via karate chop w/ fellow countryman GrandMarnier.
5) Continue to tour everywhere EXCEPT New York City. Release hopelessly adorable music videos to display what you're missing.

Follow steps 1-5; the Francophiliacs will fall at your feet as they did upon Yelle's arrival at the Knitting Factory for her first gig in NYC. Her initial timidness burned away with each song and the pandemonium that ensued proved that Ms. Julie Budet far exceeds the hype. The green Reeboks, slashed Chicks on Speed t-shirt and gold lame jumper helped as she led the crowd in a Jazzercise routine. Her debut album 'Pop-Up' is out now on Astralwerks.

Special thanks to the Knitting Factory

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