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If there is one thing we are a sucker for, it's a killer live gig by an electronic band. If there is a second thing we are a sucker for, it's French disco. Both things materialized at Studio B when Joakim, our fave uber producer/composer extraordinaire, took the stage with his merry crew of tricksters, the Ectoplasmic Band. We are obsessed with the single "Lonely Hearts," yet it was the track "I Wish You Were Gone" that kicked off his epic 8-bit jam session that made the audience fall head-over-heels into the groove. Joakim exists in a dimension where Simple Minds meet Ray Lynch, shag Sheila E, and share a post-coital cigarette with Michael Nyman in some modern-art installation. Hearing his songs in their entirety, rather than incorporated into DJ sets, has taken our respect even higher.

The album 'Monsters and Silly Songs' is out now on K7! Records.

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