psychoPEDIA: Dusk2Dawn

NYC Brooklyn

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In a market flooded with the infinite reverb of lazer-bass booming out of Paris, Brooklyn the band couldn't come at a better time. Their appearance at the Annex was their first gig in NYC, and they played it like their last. Taking the 3 chords-and-a-bridge garage aesthetic to new heights, this youthful quintet dove head first into such songs as 'Clandestine' and 'A Car In A Tree' with a vengeance. Alarmingly wise beyond their years in songwriting, their enthusiasm and showmanship elevate the sacred and classic genre of pop-punk to fresh new heights. Perhaps this is best demonstrated by the thundering drumrolls and fist pump worthy chorus of 'Volcanology' which hits it straight outta the park. Rock and Roll will indeed save the day, if these guys (and a girl!) have anything to say about it. Revenir bientôt!

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