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Math Rock is as complex as its name implies. But have no fear. If the
principles are followed, the asymmetrical rhythms and lyrics
(secondary to the incongruent chord structures) will align in the
indie cosmos and render logical crystal clear compositions.

Foals, a 5-piece group out of Oxford,
are being hailed as the new incarnation of Math Rock. Playing an
intimate gig in the basement of Union Hall, the audience prepared to
"geek out" for a good ol' fashioned post-rock revival. Pandemonium
ensued upon the opening chords of "Cassius," as lead singer Yannis
spun uncontrollably and collapsed on the floor, knocking the amp onto
someone's foot.

Such is the contradiction of a Foals gig: the band members play
facing each other, if only to communicate how they plan to burn the
house down, and they charge into the audience, rendering their
guitars like weapons. Their echoing melodies-- best demonstrated on
'Electric Bloom'-- make it clear they've absorbed the rules of Math
Rock and made it their own.

Their new album Antidotes is out on Subpop now.

Thanks to Subpop and Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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