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BROOKLYN Hercules & Love Affair

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Hercules and Love Affair occupy a steamy parallel universe where genders blend and genres melt to a hybrid disco beat. Andy Butler's gang-- including a horn section and two incredibly agile dancers-- chose none other than Greenpoint's own Studio B for their live debut. The line wrapped down and around the block and voices escalated in intensity for those desperate to gain entry. One thing was made clear for those that did get in-- inhibitions were to be checked at the door.

H&LA's very own Themesong kicked the set off with a swagger and left the crowd properly amped. Kids hit the roof, naturally, when the first single Blind was unfurled, but the groups' gentler side slipped through when Kim took over vox on Iris. Nomi chiming in on Athene and You Belong hit just the right notes, leaving the audience on an astral plane with a touch of bacchanalia, no regrets and a lot of soul. Check out Hercules & Love Affair's debut self-titled album here, out on Mute US.

Special thanks to Studio B

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